10Web Booster Plugin – Is this the Best FREE Speed Optimisation Tool Yet?

At this point, you know how important PageSpeed is, whether you’re a tech expert or new to building websites. Google has said it over and over again. Want people to stay on your website longer, decrease the number of people who leave quickly, and make users happier? Your site should load quickly

Are you looking for a WordPress plugin that will speed up your site automatically? If so, 10Web Booster is exactly what you need. Our WordPress plugin for performance will change your website in no time, improving the user experience, SEO, engagement, and conversion rates for your visitors. 10Web Booster wants you to be able to focus on the creative parts of your WordPress site and do well, so we’ll take care of the performance optimization for you.

We’re really excited to show off the 10Web Booster. The 10Web Booster Plugin makes it easy for people who make websites to improve their PageSpeed score and pass all of the Core Web Vitals. What’s the best?

10Web Booster Plugin

Check out the long list of features of the 10Web Booster below to learn more about what we have to offer.

The onboarding process is quick, and the setup is simple. noCRM.io is a lead management platform that is simple to use yet has significant capabilities that will assist your team in closing business.

You may use the 10Web Booster to optimize your website on any hosting provider! 10Web offers consumers the A-Z of speed improvement by integrating frontend and backend optimization.

10Web’s automated speed optimization places websites in the top 1% of the fastest loading sites (90+ PageSpeed scores), improving the user experience, SEO, engagement, and conversion rates of visitors.

The Need to Go Fast

Google couldn’t explain why speed is important any better than this. In three different ways, this is how the tech giant defines speed:

Despite the fact that speed is a primary priority in Google’s algorithm, the typical website has a PageSpeed score of 40 to 50 for mobile and desktop. According to Google, “53 percent of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes more than three seconds to load,” which translates to anything with a PageSpeed score of less than 90.

Google considers poor speed ratings to be a “major squandered opportunity.” Why? Users are “far less likely to find what they are looking for or purchase from you in the future” when they encounter slow websites. What does this entail for organizations or enterprises in general? According to Google: A quick website is becoming increasingly crucial, right? With the 10Web Booster, your website will be among the top 1% of fastest loading sites, allowing you to rank higher, reduce bounce rates, enhance ad conversions, and stay in Google’s good graces!

10web booster plugin Free vs pro

With the FREE 10Web Booster plugin, you will receive the following:

With 10Web Booster Pro, you receive both frontend and backend optimization for websites transferred to the platform, including:

Backend performance enhancement with 10Web Automated Hosting:

With 10Web Booster Pro, you have access to all 10Web platform capabilities! This features the world’s first AI-powered WordPress builder, user and team management, white labeling, and much more!

4 special modes of 10web booster

When your automatic homepage optimization begins, we evaluate each of the four modes. As a consequence, we compare the findings, and the option that earned the greatest score while maintaining the integrity of your website will be chosen as the default.

You may select one of the four available modes and adjust the modes for each page individually from the Custom rules tab of your dashboard

What’s in it?

Optimisation of the homepage and five additional pages with attached photographs

10Web Booster is made possible by a multitude of technical enhancements:

The merging and minification of CSS and HTML is the process of lowering file size by a few bytes. This is significant since larger files need more resources, which can slow down page load times.

Standard practice dictates that long algorithmic JS programs be compressed. The compression of JS code, i.e. the removal of all unneeded spaces and comments, decreases the time required to download JavaScript, hence immediately enhancing WordPress’s speed.

Image optimization focuses on lowering file size through image compression while maintaining image quality. The image optimizations of 10Web accomplish this and more.

The only way to have content that is instantly displayed when a user enters your website is to optimize file load by prioritizing critical CSS and deferring JavaScript. This is how the 10Web booster guarantees a page performance score of 90 or above as the best WordPress speed plugin.

Complete CSS file downloads slow down the perceived performance of your WordPress website. After a user views a webpage, just the stylesheets required for the correct rendering of the page’s visible content are first loaded, with the remaining stylesheets loaded as needed. Critical CSS does not impede website rendering and helps to pass the Core Web Essentials.

Reducing and optimizing the loading time of web fonts might aid in passing the Core Web Vitals test, hence improving your Google ranking.

Due to the fierce rivalry, every millisecond matters, thus for the following purpose, your text will be presented in a generic font, bridging the gap until your custom font style is configured.

Studies on WebP compression demonstrate that, on average, a WebP picture file is 25-34 percent smaller than a comparable JPEG image.

26% smaller than an equivalent PNG image

Consequently, it is natural that this change would significantly alter and enhance WordPress’s performance.

From photos to video advertisements, your website has a variety of material that is hidden till the viewer scrolls down.

The user should not be required to download large amounts of material if they do not scroll.

10Web Booster exemplifies this notion, since consumers should never have to pay the price for a sluggish website.

Instead of forcing your website to load a massive picture when the viewer is just interested in a thumbnail, 10Web Booster will provide you with a container-specific image.

Installation of 10Web Booster directly from WordPress

WordPress makes it easy to get 10Web’s Booster! Just follow these methods to improve your website:

And that concludes it! You are now prepared to reap the benefits of an all-inclusive speed booster and website optimization!

We sincerely appreciate your interest in 10Web Booster.

Installation through WordPress

Follow the below instructions to install the 10Web Booster Plugin on your website.

Log in to the WordPress admin panel.

Select the Plugins page from the toolbar menu, then click the Add New button.

If you wish to download the Free version, search for 10Web Booster in the right-hand search box or click Upload Plugin > “Choose file” (“Browse”) and choose the 10Web Booster zip file.

Installing through FTP

Utilize an FTP client, such as FileZilla, to access your hosting account.

Unzip the downloaded folder for the 10Web Booster plugin without making any modifications.

Upload the 10Web Booster plugin to the wp-content>wp-plugins directory.

Sign in to the WordPress Admin Panel.

To activate 10Web Booster, navigate to Plugins and click Activate.

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