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What is CRM?

Using CRM software, your business can keep tabs on all its dealings with current and potential clients. CRM stands for customer relationship management. It’s a no-brainer: Build stronger business ties in order to see your company thrive. A CRM system is a valuable tool for businesses because it allows them to better communicate with their customers, automate business procedures, and increase revenue.

A CRM system, a tool that helps with contact management, sales management, and agent productivity, is usually what people mean when they talk about CRM. Marketing, sales, e-commerce and customer support interactions can all be integrated into a single CRM system to better serve the whole customer lifecycle.

Customers, service users, coworkers, and suppliers can all benefit from a CRM solution because it allows you to keep track of the relationships you have with each of these individuals throughout the course of your business, from the time you first meet them until you’ve won their business and everything in between.

CRM vs. Lead Management Software - Which is better?

There is a common misunderstanding that CRM software and lead management software are the same things. It can be challenging to select the optimal software to provide support for your sales team. Find out why lead management software is a better option for your sales force than a customer relationship management system.

CRM and lead management software are distinct. They’re often used interchangeably to describe lead- and customer management software. Many of the features in both may perform similarly. You’ll understand why they’re distinct and why this matters for your business and sales operations upon closer inspection.

A Lead Management Software stores all your acquired leads in one location. It lets you track all leads in the sales tracker so no lead goes missing and all interaction information is kept from capture through conversion.

CRM Software can do everything Lead Management Software can and more. CRM Software relies on your business type, needs, and goals.

What if a Lead Management Software went beyond CRM Software at a tenth of the cost and was adored by your sales team? That would be awesome.

Why Don't CRMs Work?

CRMs are mostly used for the collecting and maintenance of data, whereas sales are all about the process. It is important to make sure that you always have the next step to complete with your leads so that you can move them on to the final stage of your sales process, which is sealing the purchase.

The Solution Provided by is an action-based lead management platform that was developed to assist your sales staff in accomplishing their primary objective, which is to convert prospects into customers.

Producing leads from any source, including LinkedIn and business cards, may be done with ease. Reduce the amount of manual data entering you do and get to work on your leads right away!

Is this for You to use? is the ideal tool for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that have sales teams consisting of one to one hundred sales agents and are searching for a straightforward yet powerful action-based sales platform.

Your account can be accessed whenever you want, regardless of location, as there is no software that needs to be installed or maintained.

An approach that is proactive. Winning results.

Reduce the amount of data entry required to increase the number of times sales representatives use the product on a daily basis and guarantee that all leads are included in your pipeline.

To decrease the length of your sales cycle and increase the number of deals you close, there is always the next action to do with each lead.

Give managers access to important reports and collaboration tools in order to construct the most effective sales team possible.

The capabilities that your sales force absolutely has to have in order to be successful!

The onboarding process is quick, and the setup is simple. is a lead management platform that is simple to use yet has significant capabilities that will assist your team in closing business.

noCRM Features

The onboarding process is quick, and the setup is simple. is a lead management platform that is simple to use yet has significant capabilities that will assist your team in closing business.

Connect all your favorite applications

noCRM is a champion in the no-code space and has the ability to simply connect to all of the applications in your IT stack. Our No-code Academy provides you with all of the required training you need to get off to a solid start so that you may design your perfect sales solution, and our App Directory provides integrations that are ready to be used right now. You are also able to create your very own automated processes, and you won’t even have to write a single word of code to do it!

Flexible price combined with outstanding customer service provides price options that are tailored to the unique requirements of organizations of varying sizes and types. All of our plans include, in addition to our self-service help center, assistance from our in-house customer success team. This support is accessible in six different languages, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and Italian.

noCRM Guideline

There is no question that LinkedIn is the best social media network available for any B2B organization to use in order to prospect for high-quality and relevant sales leads. Continue reading to find out how sales teams may make better use of LinkedIn to improve their prospecting efficiency.

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional social network, with over 450 million registered users. It connects B2B enterprises with prospective consumers located all over the world.

Have you been informed?

According to the most current study on social buying conducted by IDC:

Seventy-five percent of B2B buyers make purchasing choices with the help of social media. LinkedIn is used as a resource by fifty percent of B2B buyers when they are making purchasing choices.

The majority of business-to-business customers (76%) would rather do business with companies that are recommended by members of their professional network. In light of this information, it is essential for you as a sales manager to make use of LinkedIn in order to prospect, expand your network, and increase your sales.

Even though LinkedIn has a big professional network, it is still extremely difficult to gain the attention of these individuals and communicate with them on the platform. If you use LinkedIn for prospecting in the right way and at the right time, you will be able to get in touch with important decision-makers and avoid the inconvenience of having to deal with gatekeepers.


When it comes to prospecting, you have a wide variety of tools and solutions at your disposal. The most prominent illustration of this is LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which enables users to compile and preserve lists of leads and target clients. One more illustration: Datananas is an organization that specializes in email discovering and sourcing depending on your target consumer.


Even while these tools and solutions make your prospecting clearly quicker and more effective, the most essential thing is that you know how to make the most of LinkedIn in your business. Here are six tried-and-true, practical methods that you can take your prospecting to the next level.

When viewing the profile of another user, you will see this on the right-hand side of the page. Imagine that you visit the profiles of a handful of your highest paying customers; based on your relationships, you are able to locate second- and third-degree contacts that might be prospective leads.

If you are a salesman, you should always be prepared with a presentation that distinguishes you from your rival. This may be beneficial, particularly when you are targeting consumers who are currently clients of your competitor. It is sometimes simpler to prospect your competitors’ consumers than it is to start from beginning with your own prospecting and sourcing.

You may do this by going to the corporate website of your rival and seeing the follower list. The list might not be secured in certain instances, in which case it could be searchable. You may be able to look for the company’s salespeople if the list is secured and you are unable to access it. In such a circumstance, it is probable that the salespeople are linked with prospective clients and existing clients.

When you join organizations, you increase your chances of communicating with possible leads and creating connections with like-minded individuals who could find your product or service helpful. Look for communities that fit the characteristics of your perfect consumer.

It is essential for you, as a salesman, to have a compelling headline that strikes a chord with your ideal customer. It should clarify in detail what you have to offer and who you can assist. You could also find success with the help of a personalized profile that includes a well produced personal biography. Make adjustments to your profile to increase sales. It’s always a good idea to have recommendations not only from your company but also from the satisfied clients you’ve worked with in the past, as this may help create trust and, in certain situations, increase the number of engagements you get.

The implementation of this suggestion takes quite some time, but the results are well worth it! Simply make a search alert by clicking on the “Jobs” page, then check for sales-related roles that interest you based on their seniority level, location, and other criteria, and then click the “Create Alert” button. You will, of course, be sent a large number of alerts relating to it; however, after the jobs that you specified have been filled, you will be able to go and contact the new employees once they have updated their LinkedIn profiles and are shown on the employee page of the firm.

When someone in your network has changed jobs or been promoted, you will get notification of this event in the “Notifications” page of your account. You might also depend on notices sent to you after the person completed a year of service at their current firm. Do not pass up the chance to have a discussion when it presents itself. It is probable that a person who has been promoted or who has begun a new job is more inclined to shake a few things up and make a point in their new position, and as a result, they are more receptive to fresh ideas.

Reduce the amount of data entry required to increase the number of times sales representatives use the product on a daily basis and guarantee that all leads are included in your pipeline.

One thing that the team at knows very well is that salespeople want to sell, not spend the majority of their time filling in client data. This is something that the team has taken into account. Because of this, we saw the need to develop Lead Clipper, an extension that is a part of and helps to streamline the whole process.

Lead Clipper is a tool that enables you to generate leads from information found on websites, primarily LinkedIn, without the need to manually fill out any of the required fields. On LinkedIn, it is now possible to gather leads with only the click of a button. Lead Clipper is a solution to the problem of being unable to keep track of the lead because it was not recorded into the system in the right manner. In other instances, the information about the prospect is only scribbled down on a post-it note. This often leads to no further action being taken, which ultimately ends in the prospect being lost. In the end, prospecting lists are unsuccessful before they are ever given a chance to be successful.

You may utilize it by going to LinkedIn and clicking on the Lead Clipper button while you are viewing a profile. The information is then obtained in an automated fashion.

It’s possible that you’re on a website reading a news story about the organization when you come across vital contact information that you’d want to record. You will need to click on the Lead Clipper and then copy the text that contains the information you are looking for. The information is subsequently exported to the prospecting list that you have inside

The effectiveness of comes into play after a lead has been established, allowing you to track the lead through each stage of the sales process. It ensures that you will never forget the next step, such as phoning the lead, organizing a meeting, or delivering a demo of your product or service to the potential customer.

So, why you are waiting for?

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