Upgrade and unlock EXTRA benefits of Cloudways!

Just wanted to remind you quickly that your free Cloudways trial is ending today.

Please upgrade your account now if you wish to continue using the Cloudways Platform before your trial ends, so that you do not lose your work. After the trial expires, our automated system will delete your trial server and you will have limited time to restore your data.

By upgrading your account, you unlock a whole lot of extra benefits that you are not able to use on trial. Here is a glimpse of the benefits you get as an upgraded Cloudways customer:

✔ Transfer server(s) and billing to your clients’ accounts

✔ Claim 5 free website migrations

✔ Clone your server to another server

✔ Clone your application to a new or another server

✔ Upscale/downscale your server anytime

✔ Subscribe to our service addons (CloudwaysCDN, Transactions Emails, etc.)


After upgrading your account, you will be charged on a ‘pay as you go basis from next month, i.e. you’ll only be charged for how long you use the Cloudways Platform (be it an hour, a day, or a lifetime).

If you have any questions or need my help with anything, feel free to reach out.

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